Marriage ceremony and pricing



The type of ceremony I offer is different for every couple. No two lovers are the same so nor should their ceremony be.

 I will endeavour to get to know you as best I can before we write your ceremony so to ensure it is a true reflection of you both, not just a stale set script. I like to make my ceremonies fun, relaxed and a little bit cheeky with just the right amount of seriousness. Everyone is there to have a good time and celebrate your love so why not make it fun from the beginning!

Getting married


In order for a marriage to be legal in Australia, your Salty Celebrant (thats me!) is required to sight certain documents before your marriage can take place. There are several key pieces of information that must be provided which are (i) the date and place of birth of both parties and (ii) proof of identity of both parties. The documents which are commonly produced by both parties to meet these requirements are an original birth certificate or an original birth extract and a driver’s licence or a passport.

There may be other circumstances which require additional documentation to be produced.



My pricing for marriage ceremonies start at $1000 including GST.

‘From the Desert’ (Stylist, Celebrant and Photography packages) start from $3,800. Click here for details.


In the case of destination or elopement weddings please contact me for further information.